All the Presidents’ Men book
15 September 2015

All the Presidents’ Men combines images made in presidential museums and historic sites across the United States with images from my father and grandfather’s homes. I am intrigued by photography’s role within an increasingly visual and immersive museum environment and its effect on the stories we tell about our personal and political lives.

All the Presidents’ Men was printed on a digital HP Indigo press in an edition of 100 through Typecraft in Pasadena, CA (US). It includes double sided, handmade inserts that replicate objects from my father’s memory box. An attached outer wrap unfolds to reveal a panoramic landscape, inserts tucked in a replica of a mid-20th century photo folder, and a hidden prologue printed on the back of the inner cover. It is 60 pages, 9.5×8” and perfect bound.

2014, ISBN: 978-0-615-99046-0

Only a handful of copies of the first edition of All the Presidents’ Men are still available. You can order a copy through Paypal or through Aint-Bad Editions.

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